Wednesday, May 31, 2006

C is for Cunt 

I'm bored... not bored like I have nothing to do bored... bored like I have too much stuff I could do and it's all too much for me so I respond by doing nothing, just thinking over all the possibilities. I have finished university forever you see, happened last Friday, but all my friends are disappearing off home now as I try to find things to do. So to relieve this boredom I MSNed Rhys with regards the meme that appeared on his blog and asked him to meme me... he said 'k'... so I started to think of things to begin with K... then he said 'your letter is C for cunt'... the K was actually just an abbreviation for OK. So I need to think of things that begin with C as by first step in finding something to do... baby steps, but here goes...

Carlisle United. To be honest it was always going to be the first C in my head, my love for said local lower league (upper echelons of the lower leagues now I'll have you know) team is what earned me the nickname of 'Carlisle Twat'... or CT for Carlisle for short. I think we're officially the most exciting team to support in the universe, being that we haven't finished mid-table in any league since 1989, in the last 10 years we've been promoted 4 times and relegated 3 times. Now that's form.

Colourful. Why do I say this next? It doesn't allude to any aspects of my character, it alludes more to the t-shirt which I bought yesterday and is now hanging over the chair to my right. It's quite a fashion conscious shirt, and it damn well should be for £30, but it was money I won in a bet so it's OK to be frivoulous with it. And the t-shirt looks damn good on me with the jacket and trousers I also bought. This is all part of an attempt to make me more stylish by my fashion designer friend, and this is the first time I've been clothes shopping without her since she took up this noble challenge... I think she did a good job.

Cheese and Crackers. both Cs and both go together perfectly, along with Christmas, another C and white grapes. Lidl, the foreign cheap as hell supermarket had a post christmas cracker sale, and I filled my boots so to speak... I think I'm getting addicted.

Cauliflower. this on the other hand I don't like and probably never will.

Cuntibollocks. the Ten-pin Bowling Club phonetic alphabet for C.

Charlie. NATO's rather lame attempt to outdo us.

Computer. I'm sat at one as we speak... I narrowly avoided becoming a computer geek though. As a child I was bought a computer (Amstrad CPC 6128) for something like my 6th birthday. I loved it, I still have it, I wanted to be a computer programmer. I then tried to programme and realised it bored the shit out of me... a close shave if ever there was one.

Chair. I'm sat in one as we speak... rather a nice 23rd birthday present swivel chair too. But as a child I had no aspirations to the world of upholstery.

Civic Design. My (former) department at university, Still hasn't dawned on me it's all over.

Comedy A great love of mine, I recently rediscovered the Rawhide comedy club in Liverpool, it used to appear in the Guild of Students way back when

Cillit Bang Need I say more?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

It might as well be Winter 

You know those days when you wake up and your face is cold, your nose feels numb. You are lying in your double bed, on a warm strip that your body has warmed; if you move your arms or legs to either side you feel the rest of your bed is chilly cold. The last thing you want to do is get out of bed... you feel a bit vulnerable in the moring when you are tired, and you don't want to step out into the freezing air of your bedroom. You assume the boiler must have packed in during the night, and shivering you walk over to it, and put your hand on it... warm. You quickly take your t-shirt off it and put it on, it feels nice and warm for oooh say, 10 seconds. You go over to the window thinking it must be cold outside, as you open the curtains you see lots of condensation on the inside of the window; that's usually a good sign it's cold out... so is what you see behind the condensation.
Problem solved, it might as well be winter.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The House 

Rhys (can't be arsed to link to him yet, his old blog is on my blogroll and you can get from that to his new blog, sorry Rhys) mentioned in a post on his blog about me being happy that I was friends with his and his housemates due to troubled times in my own house... of course I fully expect thousands of people now to swarm over here to see what that's all about. Sorry if you can't see this because my bandwidth limit has been exceeded, I will write a request to blogspot/Google to have my bandwidth increased in these times of extra special need. Well anyway, it would be too controversial for me to say anything other that things in my hosue are politically sensetive... and leave it at that. Actually, that's what good bloggers shuld do, build up the suspense. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I haven't died 

I will rise again*

*kind of difficult seeing as how I haven't died

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Cusp 

Have you ever been asked if you can recall exactly what you were doing at a certain moment in time?

Well thanks to this blog I will remember exactly what I was doing the second I turned 23. The reason, I have turned 23 while writing this very blog entry.

I just thought it was pretty cool that I could do that, I have nothing else to say. Except that in less than a year from now I will be in my mid-twenties. Those two words make me shudder.

Except for that I have solved the mystery of the Edge Hill road signs. but more on that some other time.


Monday, November 21, 2005

Smile Like You Mean It! 

I'm far too emotionally fragile for my friends to take the piss out of my complete lack of desirability to the opposite sex. but...

'Anyway, from what I can see your not going to be joining the coupled camp soon anyway!'

'Bit harsh! True....but harsh! '

I've been feeling extra specially lonely this last week.

Of course if anyone notices I'm looking a little down and asks what's wrong, I smile and say 'Nothing, I'm fine'.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Help the Homeless 

Yesterday, while walking home through Uni, I was approached by a homeless guy who asked if I could spare any money for a cup of tea. There is nothing unusual about this, there are homeless people everywhere, I get asked at least once a day. The different thing was that I gave him 50p. Then I started to think about what I had done.

Usually I only give money to the homeless when I am in a good mood and I want to improve someone elses day. Sure, most homeless people don't exactly jump up to shake the hand of anyone who gives them money; but would you if you relied on at least fifteen people a day taking pity on you so you had something to eat or somewhere warm to sleep? I still used to feel good inside if I'd helped someone else. But nowadays we get people constantly pointing out to us how many young people wind up on the streets through that spiral of decline that is drug addiction. Whenever you are with friends and you give a homeless guy some change one of them is bound to comment that he'll probably only spend it on crack or heroin.

So nowadays whenever I give money to the homeless, instead of it making my conscience lighter I stop to think, What if he just spends it on drugs? Am I actually being really irresponsible in giving him money. I could be contributing to that guy's own personal downfall and lining the pockets of drug dealers.

I'm thinking that next time I would give money to a homeless guy, I'll buy him a sandwich or a cup of tea instead.

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